Luxury Vinyl

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Luxury vinyl flooring is a resilient flooring product that is manufactured to look like stone or wood. It is a vinyl based product that that mimics the look of natural flooring material through images and textures. This in not to be confused with traditional sheet vinyl. This product is much more durable and is great for homes with pets and kids. This floor is available in tiles and planks that are either glued down or click together much like laminate flooring.
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Types of Luxury Vinyl
Luxury vinyl is most often available in planks and tiles. Planks mimic the look and size of hardwood and tiles mimic the look and size of tile.

Most luxury vinyl flooring carries commercial warranties and is extremely durable. Under normal wear and tear these floors are scratch, stain, dent and scuff resistant.

Water Resistant
Luxury vinyl floors are inherently water resistant and are impervious to wet spills that occur from the surface.

Luxury vinyl floors can be 100% vinyl composite or a vinyl/ limestone composite mixture. There are typically four layers to this product. First a top layer that helps prevent against scratching, a second a clear layer that protects against rips and tears, third is the image layer (picture of wood or stone) and fourth the backing layer. The backing layer is the “meat” of the product giving it structure and stability.

DIY Installation
This product is perfect for a Do It Yourself project. These products are made to click together, much like a laminate or glue down. These products do not require the use of a saw and can be scored and snapped using a utility knife. These products install quickly and most rooms can be completed in a day.

Clean and Hypoallergenic
Luxury vinyl is easy to clean. Sweep regularly and damp mop as needed. Luxury vinyl is hypoallergenic and will not harbor dust mites, bacteria and allergens. This makes it a great choice for homes with children and pets.