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Carpeting is a favorite in many homes because it creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for your family. Carpet is easy to maintain with regular cleanings, easy on the wallet with the lowest total cost, quick to install, and is versatile enough to match the decor of any room. It is also the best choice for those who prefer warm and cozy areas and sound-insulation for their floors.
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Carpet Durability
How long will the carpet last? There is more to a carpets durability than how soft it feels and what color choices it comes in. In order to choose a long lasting carpet you will want to pay close attention to:

The density or thickness of the carpet:
The denser the carpet the longer it will stand up straight and the less it will “crush”.

The type of fiber it is made of:
Nylon Carpet
 – The industries most durable for foot traffic. It is soft and comes  in a large variety of styles and colors.

Polyester Carpet – When constructed in a Continuous Filament Platform this fiber is a nice "bang for your buck" alternative to nylon. You will get more carpet at a better cost. Most of these carpets are made with recycled beverage bottles so they are green (eco-friendly) and inherently stain resistant.

Olefin – A more basic carpet fiber made from plastic that is very stain resistant but not as soft as some of the other fibers and will crush quickly.

Stain Resistance-The better the stain treatment of your carpet, the better your carpet will repel dirt and accumulate less dirt. This will extend the life of your carpet.

Topical Stain Treatment –Most commonly spray applied during the manufacturing   of the carpet. This just treats the tips of the fiber. This type of stain treatment wears off pretty quickly and is not a quality product for the long-term.

Whole Fiber System Stain Treatment – A stain treatment that bathes the entire fiber and backing is the best type on the market. This method encapsulates the entire fiber system and backing, eliminating stains that would otherwise come back after a cleaning because the backing is stained.

Inherent Stain Resistance – Carpet that has inherent stain resistance is made with a fiber that does not absorb (or absorbs very little) foreign liquids. The most popular of these types of carpet is Solution Dyed Polyester followed by a Continuous Filament Polyester. The best inherently stain resistance carpets come with a stain treatment on them as well to help prevent any stains from absorbing into your carpet.

Price of Carpet
Budget, a commonly used term when purchasing carpet. In most cases the price of the carpet is directly related to the quality of it, however, that is not always the case. Style alone can increase the cost of a particular carpet. It is important to work with an honest and knowledgeable sales representative to make sure you are purchasing a quality carpet. Remember, the best price is not always the best deal.

Type of Carpet
Carpet comes in a wide variety of styles. The carpet type you choose will depend on your needs and wants.

Plush Textured Carpet
A stiffer type of solid color plush carpet that is tightly woven. Because of the tightness of the weave it will stay plusher longer than "looser" types of carpet.

Berber Carpet
These carpet fibers are looped instead of standing straight up. Usually it comes in a multi-color as well. It is more durable under foot traffic but not as comfortable under your toes. If you have pets or small children be sure to get a "zipper lock" type to avoid runs.

Patterned Carpet
A plush or berber type carpet with a pattern built into the fiber.

Level Cut Loop Carpet
A cross between a plush and a berber. Some of the fibers stand straight up and some loop over. A pattern created inside of the carpet where the cut “straight up fibers” meet the looped fibers.

Frieze or Shag Carpet
This is the loosest type of carpet fiber to create a more modern shag type of carpet.

Carpet Look & Style
Tips for picking the right Carpet.
Cool hues of pastels and neutrals work well in making smaller rooms appear larger, while warm hues like browns and rusts create a more closed-in, warmer, homier effect.
Rooms with heavy patterns and texture will find a good use for a matching solid-colored floor or carpet. Conversely, simpler walls and furnishings will benefit from bold colors and awesome patterns.
Warm hues and earth tones such as beige, taupe and brown can give off a relaxed, quiet mood; pull-off a gradation effect to give the feeling of height in a room by matching dark floors with walls and furniture that gets lighter in color as you move up.
If you are planning on selling your house in the near future choose a neutral color and tone, and a neutral feel.

Carpet Pad
Carpet padding is the supporting base for your carpet. Giving your carpet a good foundation will increase the life of your carpet. Carpet pad is measured in density.
This is how much fiber is in a cubic foot of pad. Standard is 6lb or 8lb padding, however, you can get higher densities. You can also get stain resistant and antimicrobial padding. These are great for homes with children and pets.